12 January 2010

introducing: netjes beauty box

Let's call this beauty box 'netjes'. We used to hear our grandma say this word to describe nice and tidy cute things. So does we feel about this box.
Well, some friends of Kinanti, apparently, use this beauty box for other purpose than keeping their cosmetics or accessorizes. At least these are as mentioned by the users: stationaries box, packaged food storage, office table decorating, lunch box, keeping money (what?), sewing kit and craft box, and the winner is....baby milk bottles (don't ask me how).
After all, beauty could be present in any forms and ways, right? So, it is a beauty box, indeed.
If you are interested in getting a full catalogue of this netjes box, just send request to kinantikita@gmail.com
Here is a sneak preview...

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  1. Pasang dong foto yang aku bikin kan bagussssss! huh *rewel