14 January 2010

delivering batik's beauty to your life....

In supporting Indonesia's very own art of cloth, we share the pride of delivering batik’s beauty to your life through the the latest collection of Taraptie Bag....

The Jan '10 catalogue has been released! Please meet hemas, ambet kasih, ken dedes, simbar kencana, and other princesses. In addition to the exclusively batik! series, the usual taraptie bags in other fun patterns and colors are also still available. Get the catalogue now! :)

Note: We had so much fun naming all the bags with the well-known princesses of Javanese and Sundanese Kingdoms, while also getting to know the history. Can't wait to explore on other parts of Indonesia!

keeping our best friends

One well say: "Diamonds are girls' best friend". Could not agree more. In addition, to us, all kind of jewelries and accessories are best friends. And of course, we think about how to keep them well :)
This pouch is called 'Champernit', which in Sundanese means tiny and cute (then we just modified on the spelling, hehe..). Again, if you're interested to have a peek on other pattern and colors, we're just an e-mail away: kinantikita@gmail.com

12 January 2010

introducing: netjes beauty box

Let's call this beauty box 'netjes'. We used to hear our grandma say this word to describe nice and tidy cute things. So does we feel about this box.
Well, some friends of Kinanti, apparently, use this beauty box for other purpose than keeping their cosmetics or accessorizes. At least these are as mentioned by the users: stationaries box, packaged food storage, office table decorating, lunch box, keeping money (what?), sewing kit and craft box, and the winner is....baby milk bottles (don't ask me how).
After all, beauty could be present in any forms and ways, right? So, it is a beauty box, indeed.
If you are interested in getting a full catalogue of this netjes box, just send request to kinantikita@gmail.com
Here is a sneak preview...

a glimpse history of taraptie bag collection

We've been wanting to share you our past catalogues of Taraptie Bag. We have so far produced 3 catalogues.
Although all stocks have flown away to our dear friends of Kinanti's hands (or inside their bags, for that matter), it is only nice to share the collection of thoughts and passions reflected on our each taraptie bag made.
Here is Kinanti's very first catalogue
then the second....
then the third....
so, which one is your favourite?

7 January 2010

so the story has begun: the taraptie bag

Imagining, thinking, designing, experimenting, producing, then finally.....selling!! :) Yeay!! We were so happy to have our first batch of production items sold out. That was a few months ago. Then on one fine day, our always very supportive best friend, Amesh of dreamesh, bought a piece of our taraptie organizer bag, and she kindly featured it on her wonderful dreamesh blogspot. So the story has begun. Kinanti has officially been launched. we love to deliver beauty to your life!